Sunday, January 06, 2008


Sometimes an Internet meme rolls around that is silly, pointless and even stupid, but I still think it's neat. These days it's LOLcats. There are a number of disparate influences behind this phenomenon, but it amounts to this: Captioning pictures of cats in a childish, misspelled style, often about the acquisition of "cheezbrgrs".

The canonical example is a very cute kitten that looks very sad with the caption, "I made you a cookie... but I eated it." This fad has become big enough to merit mentions in "legitimate" media, and has now reached the logical zenith of all such fads.

I don't know why these amuse me, but they do. Here are a couple I contributed on a site with tons of amusing examples:

funny pictures

funny pictures

And of course, it's not limited to cats:

funny pictures

In fact, there's a whole sub-meme about walruses and buckets. It's a strange world. Go figure.

And yes, I looked it up later and now realize a skink is actually a kind of lizard.